About Alison

I am lucky to have been trained and influenced by a variety of teachers, cultures and rich life experiences.

I’m proud to have a range of qualifications/ credentials (see below) but these,  while possibly impressive and definitely relevant don’t tell you who I really am…..

I spent the first 45 years of my life chasing someone else’s dream.  I was a bright, introverted and deeply sensitive child. And I didn’t fit in at all…. anywhere!  The well intentioned, lovingly motivated direction of my parents and school teachers combined with my desperate need for external validation led me to climb the Corporate ladder,  dog eat dog, big house, new car and materialism.  To the outside world I was  was a success!!….  On the inside I was lost, lonely and terrified….

At age 43, on the Summer Solstice of June 2008 I moved to Ireland.  It was a mad, almost out of the blue decision fuelled by alcohol on Christmas Eve 2007.  And here, on this beautiful Isle of Emerald Green I quite literally fell apart.  Landed in the shit of my own truth. Faced the music….

Fast forward (you’ll have to buy the book for the juicy bit in the middle) to now.  I am rediscovering who I am, rebuilding my life, loving my work and enjoying beautiful authentic relationships.  It’s been tough, painful and more rewarding than I could have ever imagined.

Am I sorted? Am I perfect?  Am I done and dusted, enlightened, fully conscious?  Nope!… not even close!   But I’m living, growing and thriving in my truth.

FaithFULLY, finally

Alison x

Yoga Classes, ‘Play’shops and Retreats

My first Yoga Diploma was with the Irish Health Culture Association in Dublin.  It provided a solid foundation in Hatha and Raja Yoga but I very quickly found myself linking poses together and went to Brazil in March 2011  with David Lurey and Miriam Wagner www.findbalance.net to gain my 2nd Diploma in Vinayasa Yoga, Green Yoga and Bhakti Yoga.

Since then I have continued to attend training workshops/modules and workshops.  Most recently my influences and inspirations have come from Sri Andrei Ram www.innerparadise.org , Simon Park www.liquidflowyoga.com and Helen Reavill www.helenyoga.com

In my classes and workshops I aim to blend these diverse teachings and life experiences together with my passion, creativity and sense of fun in a fusion of Yoga styles and well being practices.  My practice and teaching  is constantly and uniquely evolving and adapting as an authentic expression of my own Yoga and life journey.

I  have enjoyed working with Olympic and World Champion athletes, youth groups, retired people, people with disabilities and I especially love the challenge of bringing Yoga to “people who don’t do Yoga!”

For more about Yoga see the Mindful Yoga tab.

Authentic Living Mentoring

In addition to teaching Yoga, I have 2 post graduate diplomas in Management and Strategic Quality Management, I’m a qualified Life & Executive Coach and Trainer.  Blending these skills with my life experience I offer limited a limited number of Authentic Living Mentorship spaces to individuals and groups serious about to uncovering their truth, realising their self-worth and gaining confidence in authentic self expression leading to fulfillment and empowerment.

For more about Mentoring see the Authentic Living Mentoring tab.

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