Hello 2018!

This year, as well as continuing with my weekly classes at home here in Ireland I am excited to be travelling and adventuring with Yoga, as a practitioner and a teacher, on my own and with my Love and Blue Feather Stone Yoga partner, Nigel Airey.

March takes us both to the beautiful Island of Koh Samui, Thailand for a 2 week immersion with Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor (www.richardfreemanyoga.com) .


Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor

In July I’m returning to my Yoga ‘home’ Yoga Rocks for a week of self love and nurturing with Helen Reavill (www.yogaholidaysgreece.com).

September brings a trip to the French Alps as part time assistant / part time student on Simon Park’s Liquid Flow Teacher Training (www.liquidflowyoga.com).

Therapeutic flying with Simon Park at Yoga Rocks

Even though I list these’ ‘adventures’ in a very matter of fact way don’t be fooled.  I am beyond excited and grateful to be living the dream ….

Whilst I can’t predict exactly how these experiences will influence my practice and teaching I do know that they will!  And I’m looking forward to sharing the afterglow and sometimes the confusion that arises before the new offerings are fully digested in this years  classes, playshops and retreats.  See the events tab for full details.

One of my great passions is for Yoga to be experienced as a complete practice not just a weekly exercise class.  I’m not de-valuing the physical practice (Asana), it’s a vital part of Yoga, nor am I judging anyone who choses to focus on Asana.  But I love to share the breadth and depth of the practice that I have benefited from…. appreciating that I have only experienced the tip of the iceberg … so far….

So this year I’m developing full day sessions where as well as a juicy Asana practice we’ll take time to look at and experience some of the wider elements of Yoga.  These days will be suitable for everyone and a particularly targeted towards people wanting to deepen and develop their practice.  Watch this space for more …. soon…

Finally, Nigel and I co-created Blue Feather Stone Yoga last year and are teaching workshops and retreats together in Ireland, the UK and Europe.  Do check out our Website www.bluefeatherstoneyoga.com to find out more about our joint approach and what’s coming up.

Happy us

Nigel and I

With love


Alison x

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