July 2016

“Out with the Old, In with the true”    Jeff Brown

I’m so grateful to be making my living doing what I love.  The last few years have been somewhat… um… HUGE and totally transformational!

And so it’s time for a little refocus, redesign and redefinition.  My passion for Yoga remains as strong as ever.  Alongside and integrated with this I’m being called towards mentoring individuals and groups who are courageously stepping into their truth on the path of Authenticity.

You may have already noticed the change in business name?  Thank you Fusion Yoga.  You have served me well.  Now it’s time to step up and into my  truth.  To come out from the behind the brand name.  To be FaithFULLY Alison

Please bear with me as I update my website…. and Social Media. My next block of 8 weeks of Yoga classes starts 15 August (see details to the left of this page)  As well as this you can expect…

**New monthly Yoga’Play’shops and mini retreats in Ireland and overseas**

**Details of Authentic living mentoring**

**More blog style writings and poetry …. personal insights and observations on my journey**

**A book …. !!!! …. OK don’t hold your breath but it’s on the way**

And other offerings yet to be imagined 🙂

With love and thanks

FaithFULLY, Alison x

out with the old


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