I have to admit that the energy and conditioned expectations of ‘Christmas’ freaks me out slightly.  I’m happy that the turbulence is now over and delighted to welcome 2014 with my heart, eyes and arms wide open.

“The Gift of Yoga” workshop turned out to be the perfect way to start my 2014 teaching schedule.  The most ambitious of my workshops to date we luxuriated in a full day, 5 hours of Yoga.   In the planning stages it felt like a bit of a risk.  “Would anyone come for such a long session?” I wondered.  Answer? YES!!  We had a room full of lovely, receptive people with a great texture and richness of experience. The gift turned out to be for me!!  Thank You to everyone who came for your presence and creating a magical day.

This Wednesday evening (8th Jan) I’m facilitating another ‘workshop style’ class.  “A taste of Yoga” is at the Laughing Buddha Yoga Room, Midleton from 1830 – 2000.  This will be a chance for newcomers and experienced practitioners alike to find out a little more about the wider elements of a Yoga practice.  On the menu will be bite size portions of philosophy, pranayama, meditation and relaxation combined with some different styles of movement (asana).  I’m hoping it will add another dimension to an existing or new Yoga practice… and maybe provide some food for thought on and off the mat.

Weekly classes start again on 13th January.  You can view the schedule is to the left of this page. This time of year is busy so please contact me to book your place. alisonfaith.yoga@gmail.com /086 6698588

Looking ahead I’m planning to continue with a monthly workshop on the first Sunday of every month.  In the month of St Valentine, on Sunday Feb 2nd from 1030 -1230 we’ll explore the qualities of the Heart (Anahata) Chakra, considering how we give and receive love and compassion both to ourselves and to others.  The physical focus will be upon heart opening, creating space in the body for safe back bending.  Venue to be confirmed (most likely Fota or Grain Store)

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to expanding my teaching further afield with workshops in Ireland and overseas in the planning stages and a very special mini retreat … more news soon.

With love for a fun free and fulfilled 2014 … on and off the mat!

Namaste, Alison x


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