August update

August update!

Thank you to everyone who came to my birthday celebration/fundraising class on 28th July.  Together we raised €215 for Cork Cat Action Trust…. and had a few laughs, and some yummy cake.  Thanks too to Ballymaloe Grainstore for donating the venue and Toni for making the cake x

I’m briefly home following a beautiful Yoga retreat week at Yoga Rocks, Crete (  Some of you will know this has become a regular annual sojourn for me.  A slice of paradise and chance to refresh my own practice. I never cease to be amazed at how perfectly the style of practice and dynamic of the group fits with exactly what I need at the time.  This year, as well as a deep physical practice there was a greater emphasis upon meditiaton, pranayama and mantra/chanting.  Very grounding…and totally perfect for my (everso slightly?!) airy and random personality.

Next week, I head to Pure Yoga Cheshire ( Macclesfied, UK for two weeks of teaching.  I’m covering classes for the gorgeous Francesca and Andrew who are getting married. 

 And then I’m back!  Weekly classes will resume on 7th September.  Bookings are coming in fast and furious – Some classes are already almost full!  Thank You!

 Here is the schedule.  To book you can / text: 086 6698588 / Facebook message: Alison Faith / Alison Faith Yoga.



1000-1115: Energising Flow at The Grainstore, Ballymaloe


0700-0745: Rise’n’Shine (Energising Asana) at The Laughing Buddha Yoga Room, Midleton

 1030-1145: Energising Flow at The Laughing Buddha Yoga Room, Midleton

1900-2015: Mellow Flow at The Grainstore, Ballymaloe


1830-1945: Yin Yang Flow at The Laughing Buddha Yoga Room, Midleton


0700-0745: Rise’n’Shine (Meditation and Pranayama-breathing) at The Laughing Buddha Yoga Room, Midleton

 1730-1845: Ease into the Evening at The Laughing Buddha Yoga Room, Midleton


1000-1100 Wake up to the Weekend at Garryvoe Health Club – Full details to be confirmed

 Enjoy the rest of the summer and look forward to seeing you soon on or off the mat



Faith…FULLY Alison xxx



  It’s been a wonderful first half of the year and I’m so grateful for your enthusiasm, commitment and loyalty. Weekly classes have now finished until Monday September 7th.

 There’s  one last ‘Playshop’ before I head away for summer travels, teaching and practicing in Crete and the UK.  It’s a FUNdraiser (with the emphasis on FUN) to mark the end of my 51st Year on the planet…





A celebration of life playing with some fun variations of the sun and moon salutations.  This practice will promote and attitude of gratitude, grace and giving.  All proceeds will be donated to Cork Cat Action trust.

Suggested donation €15

Join us!

The more the Meowier 😉

Whilst I’m away check out my facebook page Alison Faith Yoga for news of my travels, and maybe the occasional video practice to wet your appetite for September.  Classes are already getting booked so please contact me at to book your mat.

Have a wonderful summer and see you soon x

Faith….FULLY, Alison x



Did you miss me?!….;-)


We’ve jumped from November 2014 to June 2015.  Clever?  No!

My apologies.

A little and as it turned out very simple technical hitch thwarted my attempts to update you and I became very reliant on my facebook page.  Huge thanks to Imokilly Webs for fixing it!

Classes and workshops have been vibrant and thriving. Thank you so much for all your continued support and enthusiasm.

My last 6 week courses before summer travels start this week.  See left panel for schedule. There are still some spaces in most classes so please get in touch to book your mat.  More about my travels another time…but there is more important news of upcoming events to share!

This Friday 5th June

Fundraiser for Nepal

Fota Island Resort, Recreational Building, 1800-1915

 A fundraiser for Nepal.  It will be a very mellow, mindful practice suitable for all.

Suggested donation €10.

All the proceeds will go directly to Action Aid’s Relief work.

Sunday 14th June

Pause ‘FROM’ Thought

Laughing Buddha Yoga Room, Midleton, 1800-2000

 Another instalment of this really popular and very delicious playshop.  A mellow, mindful and restorative class, meditation, breathing, movement, poetry…. and, yes there will probably also be cake…. 😉


Limited space.  Advance payment secures your mat x

Sat/Sun 4th & 5th June

Meditation and Yoga Weekend with Peter Bligh

The Grainstore, Ballymaloe, 1000-1600

 Travelling Yogi Peter Bligh from New Zealand returns to Ireland for the sixth time

Don’t miss this one!  I’m super excited and honoured to be organising this beautiful weekend.

Suitable for all, this weekend is and opportunity to explore a number of associated, easy practices that come from traditional tantric texts, all of which can be used to enhance and enrich modern day living

€110 paid by 6th June / Full price €130.

Let me know as soon as possible if you would like me to reserve you a space for any of these events..

You can reach me on 086 6698588 or email:

Nearly November…?!…

Actually it’s only half way through October but let’s not split hairs 😉

The ripples from my Summer of travel, teaching, training continue.  Coming back to Ireland, back to the sanctuary of my little house and my new and beautiful Zen Garden has provided some much needed grounding.  A safe and secure haven from which to assimilate the lessons, see my vulnerabilities, my patterns and continue the ongoing healing process of life.

Since returning classes have been full and vibrant with new and familiar faces.  Each week I’m humbled by your trust, energy, focus and humour.  It may sound like a Yoga cliché but I feel truly blessed to be able to share my practice with you…and to learn from you.

And so we move towards the end of the Year… the Festive Season and I have a new schedule of classes and exciting events coming up.

The next courses start on 3rd November and run up to 11th December. The weekly schedule is to the left of this page.

On 16th November I’m very excited to  return to Pure Yoga Cheshire (  in the UK to guest teach a whole day event “Stillness and Motion”.

On 28th November I head over to the Netherlands again ( )for an intensive training weekend with Niannah Bray “The art of sequencing Flow” …

On 9th December we will enjoy a pre Christmas workshop.  Full details are evolving but it will be a balancing practice to equip us with stability and fortification for the crazy, mad, fun Festive Season.

Right now?  Oh yes I have a little 2 week break …. and I’m heading into the Welsh Woods for some nature, simplicity and snuggles…

Hope to see you on the mat on the 3rd!

Faithfully Alison x

Happy August!

Happy August!

Following some inspirational and transformational travelling/teaching and training experiences in Utrecht (training with Simon Park at Yoga Moves, at  Barcelona Yoga Conference ( and Macclesfield (guest teaching at Pure Yoga Cheshire ) I’m back in Ireland for a brief while to pause, reconnect, share new practices… oh and celebrate my fiftieth birthday !!!

It’s been a wonderful year for me so far full of new adventures and challenges.  I feel very grateful to be able to embrace the diverse opportunities and learning life is presenting to me and also proud that some of the more challenging, brave  decisions I’ve taken over the past few years are beginning to open new doorways for me… some of which I’m stepping through… others I’m running from…;-)

Thank you to the lovely souls who have attended Summer Playshops so far.  SUP Yoga (31st July) was a fun, fluid, floating … and maybe everso slightly chilly exploration of movement and meditation on water.  Stillness in motion (3rd August) cultivated a completely new style of practice based upon the Prana Flow style created by Shiva Rea that I have been practising and learning about with Simon Park.

There are 2 more Summer Playshop Practices before weekly classes recommence on 8th September.

Wednesday 6th August 1830-2000 at The Laughing Buddha Yoga Room, Midleton : “Sensory delight”

This will be a delicious, restorative and luxurious journey around the five senses.  A gentle and meditative evening to soothe and nurture.  A massage for the soul…

Sunday 31st August 1030-1230 at Fota Island Golf Academy, Carritwohill : “A taste of Yoga”

A chance for the experienced practitioner and newcomers to Yoga to focus upon the key elements of a Yoga practice.  There will be meditation, Pranayama (conscious breathing), Some different styles of Asana (postures/movement) and Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation).  A great way to try Yoga for the first time or to revisit the foundations of your practice.

I will be away again, from 9th – 27th August.  This time I’m in Crete at my favourite Yoga retreat Centre ‘Yoga Rocks’  My first week will be spent recharging my batteries with a new teacher to me, Sky ( ).  For the 2nd week I am honoured to be assisting Simon Park on a Chakra Vinysa teacher training module.

Back refreshed, refocused and with SOOOoo much newness to share for weekly classes  on 8th September.  The timetable is still ‘under construction… but this much is definite…


1000-1115 at The Grainstore, Ballymaloe

1900-2015 & 2030-2145 at Fota Island Golf Academy, Carrigtwohill


1900-2015 at The Grainstore, Ballymaloe


1830-1945 at The Laughting Buddha Yoga Room, Midleton

For more details they emerge please see my facebook page or  To book email me or phone 086 6698588.

Thank you for joining me on the mat, supporting me off the mat and helping to spread the word.

All love x

Summer News and Events

YAY!!! I’m embarking on a Summer of travel, training, teaching… and fun!  Starting in Utrecht, Netherlands I undertake a further 4 day fluid Power training with Simon Park.  Following this I’ll be attending Barcelona Yoga Conference to explore new styles, meet old friends and feast (possibly to the point of gluttony) on Yoga.  Fresh with new inspiration… and a bit of a suntan … I head to Pure Yoga Cheshire, Macclesfield UK to guest teach for 2 weeks before returning to Ireland to celebrate a milestone birthday 😉  Then I’m off again!  This time to my favourite place, surrounded by my favourite people in the world, YogaRocks, Crete.  A week for personal retreat followed by a week assisting Simon Park before returning home ready for the new Season’s weekly classes starting again on 8th September.

Below is a list of Yoga events I’m leading in Ireland over the Summer.


Friday June 27th

1830-2000 at Neptune Kayak, Rostellan

Introduction to SUP (Stand up Paddleboard)


Sunday June 29th

1030-1230 at Fota Island Resort Golf Academy, Carrigtwohill

‘Going with the Flow’ A Yoga Playshop


1830-2000 at Neptune Kayak, Rostellan

Introduction to SUP (Stand up Paddleboard)


Sunday August 3rd

1030-1230 at Fota Island Resort Golf Academy, Carrigtwohill

‘An attitude of gratitude’ A Yoga Playshop


Wednesday August 6th 

1830-2000 at The Laughing Buddha Yoga Room, Midleton

‘Moon Salutations’ A Yoga Playshop


Sunday August 31st

1030-1230 at Fota Island Resort Golf Academy, Carrigtwohill

‘ The four elements’ A Yoga Playshop


Have a wonderful Summer time and hope to see you on the mat (or the paddleboard) soon x

Here Comes the Sun!

Thank you to everyone for making the Spring into Summer classes and workshops vibrant, full and fun!

The next workshop is scheduled for Sunday 8th June 1030-1230 at Fota Island Resort Golf Academy. The theme is ‘Here comes the Sun’ and we will epxlore moving and stillness practices that bring sunshine into our lives… and hopefully put smiles on our faces :-).  Please contact me to book as numbers are limited. Workshop price €20

As some of you know I am travelling for much of July and August, teaching, training and assisting overseas…. However, I intend to be back in Ireland for the following workshops to share some of my experiences (and show off my suntan) so put these dates in your diary if you would like to join me…

Sunday June 29th 1030-1230 at Fota Island Resort Golf Academy, Carrigtwohill 
Following a week’s ‘Fluid Power’ training with Simon Park (  in Utrecht the theme will be ‘Going with the Flow’
Sunday August 3rd 1030-1230 at Fota Island Resort Golf Academy, Carrigtwohill
Returning to Ireland after an exciting mix of teachers at Barcelona Yoga Conference and guest teaching in Macclesfield, UK  (, … Theme to be confirmed….;-)
WednesdayAugust 6th 1830-2000 at The Laughing Buddha Yoga Room, Midleton
As above…
Sunday August 31st 1030-1230 at Fota Island Resort Golf Academy, Carrigtwohill
Back from assisting Simon Park in Triopetra, Crete (  this will be a grounding practice to refocus and herald the shift towards a new Season.
Meanwhile, I’m working on a new venture with Neptune Kayak (  Introducing Paddleboard Yoga to Cork this Summer!!  Details very soon…
Have a lovely Summer and look forward to seeing you on or off the mat (or paddleboard)
Faithfully, Alison x

Mad March

Spring has sprung and we’re already half way through March as I write….and yes it has been mad… in a good way!

Weekly classes continue to be busy and vibrant (see schedule list to left of this text).  The present course has involved a lot of travelling metaphors.  We unloaded the excess baggage in our minds and conducted pre flight checks on week one, started our engines (breath) on week two, Powered up the runway for take off (solar plexus and core) week three… and this week we soar above the clouds and take off our seat belts…. Don’t worry  I’ll make sure we have a safe and happy landing  😉

The March ‘Playshop’ was a creative and fun walk on the wild side.  We danced, played, chanted, sang…. oh, and did some Yoga!  It was another wonderful, open and beautiful group. Thank you x

Aside from my weekly schedule I’ve also loved facilitating Chair Yoga for a senior citizen’s group in Ballintotis.  It has really humbled me to sit in front of this inspiring and engaging group of women with an average age of over 80 and think that I have anything to teach them!

Given that it is March. I have a hare brained idea that an early morning class would be A-MAZ-ING!!! So starting on Weds 26th Rise and Shine Yoga comes to The Laughing Yoga Room, Midleton… at 7am … YIKES!! Please join me for an energising sequence that will kick start your day better than the strongest espresso and leave you feeling refreshed, invigorated and oh so very vituous!

Last but should have been first!!! I’m hosting another fundraiser.  This time it’s for Daffodil Day on 28th  at 1830-2000.   This holistic practice is suitable for all levels of experience.  Huge thanks to Kate O’Conner and The Laughing Buddha Yoga Room, Midleton  for donating the venue. All proceeds will go to the Irish Cancer Society.  Please contact me 086 6698588 / if you want to come.  Places are limited by the amount of room available.

Enjoy the rest of March.  April news to follow very soon – it’s going to be another yogatastic month!

With Love

Faithfully Alison x

Fabulous February

I hope everyone is happy and well and that you have survived the wet and wind this month has brought to us. Thank you for busy, enthusiastic and overflowing classes in January.  The first courses of 2014 were fully booked and great fun!

The next 6 week courses start on 24th February.  Same schedule as before (see left of this page and on timetable tab).   Do get in touch to book your place.

Workshops have evolved to be the first Sunday of every month.  For February 20 lovely souls opened their hearts to the question “What is love?”  A mellow, rhythmic practice to release tension from the upper back, neck and shoulders as well as a little exploration of backbending.

The next workshop date is 2nd March.  It will be a more playful approach and I have optimistically called it “Step into Spring!”  The Physical practice style will be a moderate flow of movement suitable for people with some Yoga experience or a good level of fitness.  As always meditation, pranayama and a luxurious guided relaxation will be included.  Once again we will be at Fota Island Golf Academy (alarming the Golfers on the putting green ;-)).  Places will be limited so early booking is recommended.

Individual and group sessions are becoming more and more popular.  I tailor the practice to your individual needs both mentally and physically.  Please contact me for more information.

This month I’m continuing to realise ‘less is more’.  I’m very lucky to have such full classes and love teaching all of you. I am also careful to resist the temptation to put on more classes as I don’t want to dilute the quality of what I’m able to offer.  Please bear with me if you are unable to get a place for your chosen class/workshop.  I keep waiting lists and you will get to the top… soon!!!

Sending love as we begin to embrace the lighter evenings (more optimism?) and change of Season.  More news next month

Namaste x



I have to admit that the energy and conditioned expectations of ‘Christmas’ freaks me out slightly.  I’m happy that the turbulence is now over and delighted to welcome 2014 with my heart, eyes and arms wide open.

“The Gift of Yoga” workshop turned out to be the perfect way to start my 2014 teaching schedule.  The most ambitious of my workshops to date we luxuriated in a full day, 5 hours of Yoga.   In the planning stages it felt like a bit of a risk.  “Would anyone come for such a long session?” I wondered.  Answer? YES!!  We had a room full of lovely, receptive people with a great texture and richness of experience. The gift turned out to be for me!!  Thank You to everyone who came for your presence and creating a magical day.

This Wednesday evening (8th Jan) I’m facilitating another ‘workshop style’ class.  “A taste of Yoga” is at the Laughing Buddha Yoga Room, Midleton from 1830 – 2000.  This will be a chance for newcomers and experienced practitioners alike to find out a little more about the wider elements of a Yoga practice.  On the menu will be bite size portions of philosophy, pranayama, meditation and relaxation combined with some different styles of movement (asana).  I’m hoping it will add another dimension to an existing or new Yoga practice… and maybe provide some food for thought on and off the mat.

Weekly classes start again on 13th January.  You can view the schedule is to the left of this page. This time of year is busy so please contact me to book your place. /086 6698588

Looking ahead I’m planning to continue with a monthly workshop on the first Sunday of every month.  In the month of St Valentine, on Sunday Feb 2nd from 1030 -1230 we’ll explore the qualities of the Heart (Anahata) Chakra, considering how we give and receive love and compassion both to ourselves and to others.  The physical focus will be upon heart opening, creating space in the body for safe back bending.  Venue to be confirmed (most likely Fota or Grain Store)

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to expanding my teaching further afield with workshops in Ireland and overseas in the planning stages and a very special mini retreat … more news soon.

With love for a fun free and fulfilled 2014 … on and off the mat!

Namaste, Alison x