Time for a change of Scene!

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change ”  Heraclitus

It’s time to press the refresh button and update my trusty website!


Those of you finding your way here using www.fusionyoga.ie please know this address will be disappearing soon.

My new (current) website address is:- www.faithfullyalison.com


Thanks for bearing with me while I create my new site.  All the information you need will still be here as I change to a clearer, fresher theme.

Much love

Faithfully Me x




Hello 2018!

This year, as well as continuing with my weekly classes at home here in Ireland I am excited to be travelling and adventuring with Yoga, as a practitioner and a teacher, on my own and with my Love and Blue Feather Stone Yoga partner, Nigel Airey.

March takes us both to the beautiful Island of Koh Samui, Thailand for a 2 week immersion with Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor (www.richardfreemanyoga.com) .


Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor

In July I’m returning to my Yoga ‘home’ Yoga Rocks for a week of self love and nurturing with Helen Reavill (www.yogaholidaysgreece.com).

September brings a trip to the French Alps as part time assistant / part time student on Simon Park’s Liquid Flow Teacher Training (www.liquidflowyoga.com).

Therapeutic flying with Simon Park at Yoga Rocks

Even though I list these’ ‘adventures’ in a very matter of fact way don’t be fooled.  I am beyond excited and grateful to be living the dream ….

Whilst I can’t predict exactly how these experiences will influence my practice and teaching I do know that they will!  And I’m looking forward to sharing the afterglow and sometimes the confusion that arises before the new offerings are fully digested in this years  classes, playshops and retreats.  See the events tab for full details.

One of my great passions is for Yoga to be experienced as a complete practice not just a weekly exercise class.  I’m not de-valuing the physical practice (Asana), it’s a vital part of Yoga, nor am I judging anyone who choses to focus on Asana.  But I love to share the breadth and depth of the practice that I have benefited from…. appreciating that I have only experienced the tip of the iceberg … so far….

So this year I’m developing full day sessions where as well as a juicy Asana practice we’ll take time to look at and experience some of the wider elements of Yoga.  These days will be suitable for everyone and a particularly targeted towards people wanting to deepen and develop their practice.  Watch this space for more …. soon…

Finally, Nigel and I co-created Blue Feather Stone Yoga last year and are teaching workshops and retreats together in Ireland, the UK and Europe.  Do check out our Website www.bluefeatherstoneyoga.com to find out more about our joint approach and what’s coming up.

Happy us

Nigel and I

With love


Alison x


I have a rose bush in my garden.

It has been beautiful and abundant and thriving but over this last year it was neglected became pot bound and…. well just started to decline.  I took it out of it’s pot and radically chopped it.  Pruning is an understatement.  There were no green shoots, no leaves, no sign of life.  I replanted it and  thought “Oh no”  I’ve killed it…. but guess what?  It has come back… with a vengeance, more beautiful and healthier than ever and is now in bud and ready to bloom 🙂

Darling Bud

This little rose bush has mirrored my teaching journey over the past few years.  As my confidence and strength grew so did the size and number of my classes and so did my creativity and passion 🙂 …. until this year…. when somehow I found I  had outgrown my self defined ‘pot’.  I stopped to challenging myself to grow and began to coast along ….

Time for some serious pruning and a new, much more spacious pot?  Yes indeed!!!

So! Starting from September, I am reducing (pruning) my weekly class schedule (to Tues/Weds/Thurs)  and expanding my roots to stimulate fresh growth in the form of new class styles and weekend playshops and retreats.. in Ireland, the UK and Europe…

Weekly classes

As well as my regular style of mindful vinyasa flow I am offering 2 new classes as follows

“Yoga Surgery”

Tuesday evenings at Ballymaloe Grainstore

This will be a complete practice with a focus on a particular pose, group of poses or part of the body.  A very specific style of practice that will develop strong technique and a deeper understanding of

“Practicing Stillness” 

Thursday mornings at Laughing Buddha Yoga Room, Midleton

Exploring the art of “doing nothing with full commitment” otherwise know as Meditation.  We will explore a range of ways to access a meditative sate and learn to sit comfortably with ourselves and our arising sensations.

Playshops and Retreats


My Partner Nigel and I are creating our new, exciting approach to co-teaching which we are beginning to share from August.  More news about this soon but here are the first few dates for your diaries. They’re going to be really special events….

Sunday 6th 1500-1730, £25

Pure Yoga Cheshire, Charlotte street, Macclesfield UK

To book: Pure Yoga Cheshire +44 7909 144414/info@pureyogacheshire.co.uk

Sunday 20th 1400-1700, €30

The Grainstore Ballymaloe, Co Cork, IRELAND

To book: +353 86 6698588 / faithfullyalison@gmail.com

Saturday 26th 0930-1630 Full Day Retreat €85

Wild Atlantic Way Yoga, Old Head of Kinsale, Co Cork, IRELAND

To book: +353 87 769 5565 / info@wildatlanticwayyoga.com

Join us if you can xx

As always thank you for your loyalty and support.

Have a beautiful Summer and I look forward to seeing you on or off the mat soon….

….and in the meantime….




Spring 2017

Thank you

Time is flying, classes and full and vibrant and life is very lovely!  I feel truly lucky and very grateful for your support on and off the mat.

This Spring, as well as continuing to enjoy my weekly Yoga classes I’m planting seeds and expanding my horizons to offer more retreats, weekends and ‘play’shops both here in Ireland and overseas.

Aligned with my own commitment to rediscover and act from my authentic truth,  these offerings  will explore and encourage genuine, intuitive, fluid movement combined with conscious breath and  deep presence to create space to see who we really are, to see how we really are and freedom to be fully, completely and totally as we are….

…. However, much as I am totally serious about this path of authentic living, I am equally serious about having fun.  So! Expect a sprinkling of madness, spontaneity, outtakes and bouts of uncontrollable (sometimes inappropriate) laughter too….


The first retreat of the year is at the gorgeous Wild Atlantic Way Yoga from March 10 – 12th . It’s the weekend of the full moon so promises to be a powerful weekend of recharge and renewal.  WE HAVE A CANCELLATION SO THERE IS ONE SPACE AVAILABLE.  See www.wildatlanticwayyoga.com. to book x

Meanwhile, the next 6 week block of classes starts on Monday 6 March (until 13 April) and there is a mellow Sunday evening “Pause FROM Thought”  ‘play’shop  on 9 April at the beautiful Garryvoe Hotel Yoga Room.

For more details or to book your mat contact me on 086 669855 / faithfullyalison@gmail.com

With love

Faith FULLY, Alison x

Nigels favourite

Thank You 2016!!…

Kali Yoga

It’s been another year of transformation and growth … and it’s not over yet!

There’s so much to share …. and I will soon… but for now here’s a long overdue update and overview of what’s happening for the rest of 2016 and into the first part of 2017.

Weekly classes will continue until 15 December.

There is one more ‘Play’shop:-

 “Pause FROM thought: Festive Edition”on Sunday 4th December from 1800-2030 at Garryvoe Hotel Yoga Room (411)

And a Christmas Celebration evening with my talented and lovely musician friend Fergal O’Connor


“Ease into Christmas” on Saturday 17th December from 1800 ’til late

Mindful Meditation, Music and a 3 course Meal at Garryvoe Hotel

 This year I’m happy to be staying at home in East Cork, Ireland for Christmas and would love to share some Yoga with you during that time.

Here’s the provisional schedule for Christmas week… for those of us that can’t imagine a Yogaless week 😉

Wednesday 21st December
Flowing into Christmas
Mindful, heart opening vinyasa preparing us to share the gift of presence

Monday 26th December
1000- 1130
Stephen’s day Feast
An active feast of cleansing practices to re-energise the mind and body after the ‘big’ day.

Thursday 29th December
Ease into the New Year
Gentle, restorative Asana, pranayama (breath) and guided mediation with a reflective focus on gratitude for 2016 as we prepare to release and move into 2017.

€15 per class or €40 for all 3

These classes must be pre-booked and paid …

…and are subject to enough of you being willing and able to participate 😉



I’ll be away participating in a silent meditation and Yoga retreat in Co. Wexford over the New year…..Ommmmmm…..Shhhhhh….

Then I’m back on Sunday 8th January with a day of Yoga “Out with the old, In with the true” at Garryvoe Hotel.  

See the event tab for more about this one

Weekly classes resume 9th January (see schedule on left of this page) and are already booking up so please do contact me if you would like to reserve a space…

Finally (for now)  there’s a lovely retreat at Wild Atlantic Way Yoga www.wildatlanticwayyoga.com in March. It is already fully booked..thank you!…. But there will be more dates so please do make contact if you are interested

With love and thanks for your support and presence allowing me to ‘live the dream’

Have a magical Festive Time

FaithFULLY, Alison x



July 2016

“Out with the Old, In with the true”    Jeff Brown

I’m so grateful to be making my living doing what I love.  The last few years have been somewhat… um… HUGE and totally transformational!

And so it’s time for a little refocus, redesign and redefinition.  My passion for Yoga remains as strong as ever.  Alongside and integrated with this I’m being called towards mentoring individuals and groups who are courageously stepping into their truth on the path of Authenticity.

You may have already noticed the change in business name?  Thank you Fusion Yoga.  You have served me well.  Now it’s time to step up and into my  truth.  To come out from the behind the brand name.  To be FaithFULLY Alison

Please bear with me as I update my website…. and Social Media. My next block of 8 weeks of Yoga classes starts 15 August (see details to the left of this page)  As well as this you can expect…

**New monthly Yoga’Play’shops and mini retreats in Ireland and overseas**

**Details of Authentic living mentoring**

**More blog style writings and poetry …. personal insights and observations on my journey**

**A book …. !!!! …. OK don’t hold your breath but it’s on the way**

And other offerings yet to be imagined 🙂

With love and thanks

FaithFULLY, Alison x

out with the old


April – May 2016

 Where did the first quarter of 2016 go?

The first 8 week block of full and vibrant classes flew by!

Thank You!

I’ve taken a longer break than usual before starting the next 8 weeks… ‘biting the bullet’, stretching myself out of my comfort zone and exploring exciting new ventures both on and off the mat!

The ‘Step into Spring’ weekend in Garryvoe Hotel was my first time facilitating a whole weekend of Yoga practices.  I was blessed with great support, smiling faces and plenty of learning.  We also enjoyed some wonderful live music and sound courtesy of Fergal O’Connor (www.fergaloconnor.com) and I very tentatively embraced my vulnerability and imperfection singing and playing my guitar in Savasana.  Music and especially the guitar was a childhood passion that got lost and deeply buried for many years ….. and is now bursting forth with new found vigour and excitement!!  Rest assured there will be a little more practice and polish before my guitar and voice return to your Yoga mat…..

….but return they will 😉

Hot on the heels of the Garryvoe weekend I travelled to Amsterdam to teach my first 3 hour workshop at Yoga Nieuw Vennep (www.yoganieuwvennep.com), the studio of a beautiful and inspiring friend and Yoga Teacher Sarah Jane Rawkins.  Thanks to her trust (blind faith?) we had a full house of enthusiastic, open minded and generous Yoginis.  If anyone is over in Amsterdam and looking for Yoga (there’s lots to choose from) do check out Sarah Jane!  Definitely the best Iyengar Yoga teacher I’ve ever experienced 🙂

….And to round off a little mini feast of travelling and teaching, next week I head back to Macclesfield my favourite little spot in the North of England to lead another workshop at Pure Yoga Cheshire.  (www.pureyogacheshire.co.uk)

Coming up!

8 weeks of Yoga – 4 April to 26 May

The next block of 8 weeks begins on Monday 4 April.  You can see the weekly schedule to the left of this page.  The evening classes at Garryvoe on Mondays and Laughing Buddha on Wednesdays are already full.  At the moment here are still spaces in other classes…

‘Fun’draiser and ‘Play’shops

 A rescheduled fundraiser for Elephant Nature Park and a monthly Sunday themed ‘Play’shop will be happening…..  Details soon ….

Creative clay and Yoga weekend retreat – 27 to 29 May

I’m very excited to be co-facilitating this scrummy weekend with Susan Herlihy of Crafty Hands Pottery (www.craftyhands.info ) at the idyllic Inch Hideaway (www.yurtecocamping.ie ).  I will lead a Yoga practice morning (Asana) and evening (Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Nidra)  and Susan will expertly guide us through 2 clay projects.  No experience of either Yoga or clay work needed.

Thanks for your continued support on and off the mat!

All love and Faith….FULLY,

Alison x






Happy January 2016!!

Back from magical, blessed travels around Thailand.  A trip I once believed would only ever be a dream for ‘someone like me’(??!!).  During which I learned about my resourcefulness, courage, passions… I came face to face with my fears, vulnerability, wounds.

As always the ripples of such a big trip will take their own time to digest and find equilibrium in my life, practice and teaching.  And as always I’m deeply touched and grateful for the generous love, support and encouragement of family, friends and clients.

….. and I’m delighted to be home, reunited with Kali The Yoga kitten, my little house and lovely full classes packed with new and familiar faces!!

This Year, as well as weekly classes I’m expanding my teaching horizons to include workshops overseas and some creative weekend retreats.

The current weekly classes will run until Saturday March 5th.   Weekly classes will then pause until 4th April ….but there will still be plenty of  Alison Faith Yoga to enjoy here and overseas in the form of workshops, fundraisers and  a  delicious weekend of Yoga and Mindfulness by the Sea in the new and stunning Yoga Room at Garryvoe Health Club.

See dates to the left of this page and for full details click on the events tab

Looking ahead to summer I’m offering 2 more blocks of 8 weeks starting 4th April and 6th June after which I’ll be travelling, practicing and teaching again throughout August and early Sept.

Please contact me with any queries or to book a place

Phone: 086 6698588

Email:  alisonfaith.yoga@gmail.com

Facebook:  Alison Faith Yoga

In Joy, Love and Gratitude

FaithFULLY, Alison x


Festive Felicitations!

‘Tis the Season to be GRATEFUL!!!


Each and everyone one of you for supporting me on my journey teaching, preaching, practising, learning, laughing, crying, feeling, breathing!

It’s been a mega, bumper Year.  In every which way. And I’m deeply grateful and humbled by the amazing, inspiring and beautiful souls (aka YOU) that have lit my path….(and also to those who have darkened my doorstep!!)


I’m off to Thailand for an Elephant cuddling, beach bumming and Yogatastic month from 7 December to 7 January!

I’ll be back on the mat, at home in East Cork from 11th January for an 8 week block of classes.  Following which I’ll be travelling and teaching workshops / retreats in Europe from mid March to mid April.

The 2016 schedule is to the left of this page.  Best way to book / contact me while I’m away is via email alisonfaith.yoga@gmail.com or Facebook:  Alison Faith Yoga

Have a Fun Filled and Fabulicious Festive time!

Faith….FULLY, Alison x

November & December News


Another year has flown by ….. almost!

Weekly classes will finish on 30th November.  Thank you everyone for your great support, loyalty and commitment.  I feel blessed and honoured to be able to witness your transformations and blossomings!

There’s one more delicious 2015 event to look forward too:-

Yoga and Mindfulness retreat weekend 27-29 November at Garryvoe Hotel.

I’m very excited about this weekend of nourishment and self-nurturing to cleanse, rejuvenate and energise the mind, body and soul  ready for the fun, frolics…. and stresses of the Festive Season.  The practices are suitable for all whether you have previously practiced Yoga or are a newcomer.

Full details are on the events page.  Contact Garryvoe Hotel 021  464 6718 to book.

Join us for a chance to pause, unwind and recharge ……mmmmmm….xxxx


I’m off to Thailand for an Elephant cuddling, beach bumming and Yogatastic month from 7 December to 7 January!

I’ll be back on the mat, at home in East Cork from 11th January for an 8 week block of classes.  Following which I’ll be travelling and teaching workshops / retreats in Europe from mid March to mid April.

The 2016 schedule will be up here and on facebook very soon. …. watch this space….;-)

Faith….FULLY, Alison x